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It's time to play good news, bad news.
Bad news: Just over a month ago, my computer crashed. Big time. Taking out my motherboard AND both of my hard drives in the process.
Good news: After shelling out cash I really didn't need to shell out, my computer is up, and better than ever.
Bad news: I lost all of my bookmarks and my address list in the process.
Good news: Thank heaven for backups, or I would have lost my writing. Important safety tip, always BACK UP!!!!
Bad news; With my 'puter down, no work has been done for the last month or so.
Good news: I'm back up now, so that should all change, right?
To everyone who sent me the Nodoka/Ranma eating side-by-side pic, thanks, don't need anymore copies of that pic.
If I haven't returned your email, or anything lately, sorry. Chances are I lost your original message, and was unable to answer back. Again, sorry.
If you want to blame someone, blame Bill Gates. Works for me.

Please, write me at
C & C encouraged.
Cash donations sadly refused.

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